Since 10.10.10 was filled with all sorts of icky work things, you'll have to settle for a 10.11.10 post. It would have been cooler if it was 10.11.01, but that's way past. I was still in high school, in Trinidad, probably tormenting my siblings or cramming my nose in a book.
Sunday was Old Fashioned Day at church. I missed it, but I wouldn't have dressed-up anyways. BAM did, kind of. Mark put him in a pair of overalls and a white shirt, kind of farm boyish without looking too hick-ville.
We've made some changes at the abode of McMillen. One that you don't need to know about, one cutting back BAM's naps to 1 a day (still working on that though), and less TV, more family time. I don't like silence, because then my imagination goes haywire with sounds I hear outside, but I've realized that it doesn't have to be on when BAM's awake.

Come later, and I'll have a bigger, longer post!

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