How I waste my time

0706: Mark texted me to make sure I was going to the hospital for a class. I replied yes and tried to go back to sleep for 7 more minutes.
0708: started my daily facebook, email, reader routine to see if the world is still out there.
0715: my alarm goes off and I turn it off
0725: realize I will be late if I don't get up now. Grab some clothes, brush my hair, pack Brendon breakfast, clothes, and diapers in his bag.
0730: wake Brendon up, take him, his blanket and his bear downstairs.
0732: put my shoes on and realize that the keys are locked in the van

So I waited about 10 minutes for Mark to return my call and come unlock the van for me

0750: I loaded us up in the van, then realized I left my phone on the couch, so I spent 2 more minutes unlocking the door, grabbing it, relocking the door and getting back in the van

I dropped Brendon off (in the opposite direction from my destination) about the time I should have been at the hospital, 15 minutes late.

Parked in the employee parking area, like I should have, but had to walk through the new orthopaedic (yes, that's how they spell it) hospital to get to clock in, the width (short side) of the hospital to find the conference room I thought it was on. Then I walked upstairs (ok, took the elevator) to the third floor to see if anyone up there knew. They did, and said it was on second floor (in the orthopaedic hospital). So I arrived there about 20 minutes late to a 30 minute training. Sad, right? I stayed til about 0850 to catch up.

Then I went down stairs and walked the length (long side) of the hospital to Occupational Health to see about this stupid accident at work only to find out that they were closed and doing flu shots. Where were they doing flu shots?! Where I first looked for the class-on the other side of the hospital AGAIN! So I walked back past the people waiting and sitting and coughing. I decided, as I was walking, that I'll get my flu shot because I was there anyways. You know what they told me? That Occ Health WAS open for emergencies and would be open for me. So I got my arm shot and punched and the bone bruised (short needle, my foot!) before my long trek BACK across the hospital. BACK past the people coughing and sitting and waiting. BACK to Occ Health.

0910: I knocked on the door and the lady told me they're closed. "But I had an accident at work that I need to talk to you about. It happened Sunday, and I called Monday, but I never heard back from you." She definitely gave me the stink eye, but let me in. Then she proceeded to tell me "I was here all day yesterday and no one called. I tried to call you but you didn't answer." After one go-round of "I did call, I called around 1245 [I have the call on my phone!!] but I never got a call from you" and "Well I was here and no on called, and you didn't answer." I just gave up and decided to be the better man and apologize for not returning her call...

Besides, I knew the patient's tests were negative anyways, so I didn't need to do anything else.

Then she tried to make sure my tetanus shot was up to-date, and make sure I had my Hepatitis B series. Hep B was a no-brainer, but wasn't sure about the tetanus, so I needed that one. It took her about 10 minutes to not-find my tetanus history (she alphabetized my immunization records like 5 times!). And then she boasted that her shot-ting technique had no rivals.

What am I left with?! TWO sore arms, TWO hours of time spent at the hospital (when it was only supposed to be 1). But now I know that the blue forms go to Occ Health NO MATTER WHAT.

And it's super-hard on the delts to get a intramuscular shot in both of them and have a clingy toddler to carry around because his naps are all wonky and aren't evened out.

If he would just sleep until 8 or later, I think he could make it until 1230. But he won't. Stick an extra hour in there and it sounds like we're having a bloodfest in the house until he gets a nap.

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