PICTURES!! (lame, right, I know)

So I've pretty much failed on this blog thing. I'm trying to attempt to keep 20 posts in 60 days, at least, so I can qualify for Social Spark. So far, I'm failing.

Today, my package came! I ordered some fabric, some elastic and some velcro from that one site (another fail, I know) and it came today! I'm super excited. I took a picture of it all, but it's not uploading correctly. I've already done it twice. I got some red terry cloth, two polyester fabrics for outside, three "mystery" fabrics. For each yard of fabric, they sent another yard of fabric that is basically something that no one else bought. LOL. I'm thinking of finishing these few covers I'm currently working on and attempting a all-in-one diaper. But I really need to finish that quilt most importantly. Can I quit my job and stay home and sew all day?

 I mean, look at that face, wouldn't you just LOVE to stay home with him, too?

 I also  bought some fleece the other day (I had a coupon!!) and using the Katrina soaker pattern, I made this adorable soaker. It's not a cover, because it's one piece, like a pair of undies. Except to put it on, I have to practically shake him into it. But once it's on, it fits nicely, well, a little tight around his thigh rolls, but I expected that. I put a couple layers of flannel inside the soaker, to make it more water proof, and it worked! He napped in it, and when he woke up, the outside felt a little cool, kinda humid, but not wet. If I held him against my clothes, they ended up a tiny bit damp, but that's it.

This is one I'm working currently. I'm lining the inside with a flannel, so that the plasticky side of the PUL isn't against Brendon's skin. I don't really like feeling it, either, so we'll see how it works out. I'm sure I'll only be able to use it once before having to wash it, because the liner will absorb the pee and start to smell.  I also have one cut out with a fleece outer and PUL inner.  I've got some snaps, too! Anyone looking to buy one? Someone on babycenter.com was asking me to make one, she said she has the material, but I haven't heard back from her yet about the measurements or sending me the fabric or anything.

Oh, here's the front of the fleecie. It reminds me of the game frogger. You know, all those moving highways you have to hop across? Brendon kept on feeling it, you know, cause it's soft, like his favorite blankets.

I'd rather be sewing, than blogging, but 1) I need to get more blog posts, 2) we're watching "Percy Jackson and the lightening theif" and it's hard to hear over the swing machine's noise.

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  1. Well, it appears that you have the world's cutest diaper creations!