the big plan

Wow, I just noticed I hit 200 posts with my last post! Yay me!

I just ordered some diaper making materials from... a website, I already forget which one! I know, awful of me, no? Anyways, I got some colored fold-over elastic, colored velcro, some terry cloth for fitted diapers, and two polyester/cotton prints (I forget which one it was, hey, I'm on vacation!), and three "mystery" clothes. I'm excited about them. I've got to hunt down a Joann's coupon so I can get some more PUL without making us bankrupt.

I did go completely cloth one day, and it was so nice to not have to throw anything away, but on the other hand, I had no clue what to do with the wet stuff. I ended up soaking them in hot water and letting them dry until I washed them. I could just get a pail, but I have like 5 things to wash, so I might wait until I've got a bit more of a handful.

So far, I've used Chloe Toes diaper cover, Ottobre diaper design (this one made it HUGE so, watch out for Godzilla!!). The Chloe toes one is my favorite (maybe I could get a free diaper for saying good things about it :D nah, didn't think so), right now. But I've got a few more patterns in my print queue for when I get home to try. I'm thinking I could draft my own pattern and try to sell it. I mean, I probably wouldn't get much, but I can try, right? I could put them on my Etsy shop that has closed down because I decided to have a baby instead of make cards. Brendon likes to eat too much paper. LOL. Of course, I'd re-open the shop, duh!

Until I can get my hands on that stuff (I do have some diapers cut out, just ran out of elastic) I will enjoy my vacation in South Carolina with family. I won't be able to do anything until at least Wednesday because I gotta work as soon as we get home. Either Wednesday or Thursday or Friday because (can you guess it?!) I forget which ones I work. Hey, I've got my schedule written down so I don't have to remember it!

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