Fall showers bring puddles and snuggles

Nap time with daddy? Nah, just post-nap winks
So, Brendon really wanted to get up on the couch. I plopped him on top of Mark, and he laid his head down. He stayed like this for, oh, 3.2 seconds. Then he wanted to climb on the back of the couch, on Mark's head. Basically anywhere but laying still. Then we went outside. The rain made lots of puddles, that Brendon discovered today!

He realized that if he stomped his foot, he'd splash himself. He thought it was so funny. Then, he wanted to touch it. He likes to touch things. Like, everything needs to be touched.

See, touching the ground is irresistible. Go ahead, see if you can resist! He once looked up under the truck, and it was so cute, but he moved before I could snap the picture.

And of course, the flowers. I've got my dad to thank for this one. He came over one day and let Brendon sit in the dirt, IN THE DIRT, and pull up my flowers (granted they were dying) and now, Brendon thinks that he can pull anything in my garden. Flowers, mulch, dirt, rocks, sticks, thanks, Dad!

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