Monday Ramblings

We closed our bedroom door the other night, so we could watch a movie and not disturb Brendon, because he wasn't sleeping so soundly. The next morning was Sunday, and I had to work. I dragged my hiney out of bed at 00:dark30, and promptly ran in to the door. Not just "oh, here's the door; I brushed my fingers on it" but *thwack* "crap, that was the door hitting my face."

It woke me up right away. Thankfully, that was not a foreteller of the rest of the day! Work went ok, not bad. But I found out that a cute little lady I cared for the past weekend and Tuesday and Wednesday had died that afternoon. Very sad, but I had this feeling that she wasn't going to make it out. She had major surgery and a very common complication, pneumonia.

But that was in ICU. On our end, it was very uneventful. Except with lots of poop. I think the kitchen must have put some of that chocolate laxative in everyone's pudding.

I made a new diaper cover today. Jean. Yes, I couldn't spend money on those Huggies Jean, so I repurposed a skirt that didn't fit well. I think it turned out nicely. We'll see how well it works. One of my first diaper covers, on that worked very well, started leaking. Majorly. I'm bummed, but I think I've come a long ways. I decided to perfect one pattern rather than trying several. So I've got an airplane diaper with terry cloth inside, two "ooga" with fleece inside (one is a "pocket" diaper and one is a full diaper), and now, the jean one. I have two fleece pull-on-covers, one striped and one purple, but they both need some "assistance" getting them on. Like the dance when you're trying on a pair of favorite jeans that you haven't fit in to for 5 years. Brendon thinks it's funny. I also have a fleece cover with velcro. That one and one of the "ooga's" is a bit big on Brendon. Right now, he's got the fleece velcro cover on over a disposable diaper. One, for pictures. Two, I was tired of seeing his sagginess. Plus, he's wearing a pair of Babyleg's and a T-shirt.

Check out my facebook page for pics of the carnage, just give me a few hours to feed the child :)

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