and there was much rejoicing in Heaven

I wish I had a picture of Lydia. She was so bright and cheery, even though she was wheelchair bound. I never heard her complain. She loved life, her family, her friend, and her Savior.

MCM and I passed on a laptop to them, one with Skype so she could talk with her Brazilian family while in the US and her US family while in Brazil. MCM had to teach her and her dad how to use a Mac, how to see things in a different light. It was totally different from Microsoft Windows, as anyone who has used a Mac and a PC knows. But I think it grew on her.

My heart cries for the family that will miss her, but part of me is glad that she was able to go home to heaven while she was home in Brazil. She had only lived a few short years, maybe 14, I think. I'm not sure. Those 14 (I'm gonna say it's 14, m'kay) years are years that will never be forgotten. I know that Lydia's mom and Dad (her dad grew up in Brazil as an MK, too!) will make sure that Priscilla, their 3 year old (agian, not sure on the age part) remembers Lydia and the love that she had for everyone.

Tomorrow, I'm going to scour through my clothes for something purple to wear. I hear it's Lydia's favorite color. As she's running on those streets of gold, swimming in perfect lakes, and talking to everyone, I will be wearing purple for Lydia.

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