attempting cloth

So, I know I said that I would like to do cloth diapers because they're cute and save money in the long run, but I would NEVER do it because of the laundry that I'm already drowning in.
. . . but. . . 
I did it. I'm getting my feet wet. I've got to take a break though because our drier has went kaput. First, it doesn't stop running when the timer dings (which has never dinged!), and now, it doesn't heat up, so it doesn't dry. Of all the times to do it, it did it Sunday morning while we were waiting to get dressed for Sunday school. We might be looking for a new drier in the near future, but MCM is going to try to fix it.
Anyways, here's some pictures of my "tip toeing"

my first, ok, but the legs are a bit tight and the front is kinda loose 
I really like this print. I have a few more cut out, but I'm out of elastic and snaps
this is actually the third one I finished, and fits the best, but I don't like the velcro

As soon I put this on him, he ripped open the velcro...not a good idea
and just because he is so cute! Don't you just love that his pants make his toes peek?
The second one I made I forgot the front elastic, and it definitely needs it there, so I have to open the last seam to stick it in there. Also, I put buttons and buttonholes on it, and I think those are adorable. Thursday, I went all day without a disposable, but Friday, I had to use them because I only have about 5 inserts that I used the day before and remember what I was saying about the drier? Yeah, it was starting Friday.