my first successful CVSing

I'm super excited about getting into CVSing, since one opened not too far away, and it's on our way to most places! Like this morning, I stopped in there on our way home from dropping Mark off from work. I really needed formula, and they were having a special on Huggies. Here's my fruitful labor.

Huggies big box 82 ct-$22.99
  • on sale $3 off
  • used $3 off CVS coupon
  • used $3 off manufacturer's coupon
Paid $13.99 plus tax, got back 10 ECB's

Huggies wipes 184 ct refill-$5.99
  • on sale $2 off (I should have used a coupon, but in my excitement, I forgot. Hey, it's my first time!)
Huggies lil swimmers 12 ct-$8.99
  • used CVS coupon $3.00 off
  • used manufacturer's coupon $1.50 off
Reese's peanut butter cup (I needed a filler, again, in my excitement, grabbed the first thing I saw...*sigh* I will get better)
  • $.91
Used $10 ECB's from first transaction and paid (ready?): 39 cents!

So I got diapers, wipes, swim diapers, and reese's for about $14.50!

I didn't get formula, because I couldn't find my coupon, but we have to go out again anyways, and I'll find it before we do.