people make me so mad!

Don't worry, if you're reading this, it's not you. I still like you :) First, there was this one cashier at Jo-ann's. I was buying some things to make Brendon's birthday shirt, and had to buy some fabric paint. They were both on clearence, at 50 cents, originally $1.99 (that's important later). Of course, like any savvy shopper, I made sure to watch the prices, to make sure I got my clearance stuff-most of what I bought was sale prices. Sure enough, one of the paints didn't ring up right. I pointed it out, nicely and respectively. Of course like any money minded cashier, she went to look, to make sure I wasn't trying to fib them out of $1.49. And, just as I mentioned, they were all on clearance for 50 cents, except the fat ones, that were 97 cents. She tried to over ride it, but the machine beeped that for it to be changed more than 50%, it needed manager approval. So she called her manager over, but the lady was  busy doing something with rope or fabric or something of that sort. So I waited, for a good 5 minutes. FINALLY, it was my turn. Miss Panty Wad came over and said in a loud exasperated tone "what's the matter here" I explained what happened, that one rang up right, and one didn't. "Which one didn't?" she snapped. I *leaned over the counter* to show her, ON HER SCREEN the two paints, and that one said $.50 and one said $1.99. She stared at the screen, as if it would change or pop up the explanation to hit her forehead or something. She asked the other lady, in a loud annoying voice, that sounded very demeaning, "Did you LOOK AT EACH NUMBER to make sure THEY WERE ALL THE SAME PRICE??" and the other lady said yes, that each one was $.50, except the fat ones that were $.97. So she stared at them again, I guess in the past, the machine fixed itself if given enough time. I wanted to sit her down and have a nice chat to make sure she knew how to handle customers and their price problems. I wanted to tell her to just go look her self, to change the price. I wanted to throw it all back and say never mind, I'll go to Michael's. But I didn't. I'm much more polite than that. I told her, "if it's that much trouble, don't worry about it. I'll just take the one." I know it's only $1.49, but at the same time IT'S ONLY $1.49, LADY! What happened to pleasing the customer? I was very flomuxed at their customer non-service ideas. I'm not going to frequent Jo-ann's much, any more. Not that I was going there very often before this, but I stand on principle. (I have no clue what that really means though!)
Then, to counter the bad, there are the good. This evening, we went to D!ck's Sporting Goods for Mark, and at the check out, I passed BAM a ball to keep him occupied. He loved it; it was on of those soft vinyl ones with little bumps. He was enjoying it, so I asked the cashier to price check it for me. I was expecting about 5 bucks or so. It was $7.99! I said, "oh, well, nevermind then." and passed it over BAM's head to Mark to put away. The disappointment on BAM's face was so astonishing, that the cashier was like "oh, well, I can discount it for you!" what?! "how much do you think it's worth?" What a loaded question, huh? Can I put a price on my child's happiness? But I said "5 bucks" and she took it! Brendon was elated! He grinned and grabbed that ball and started smacking it and trying to chew on it. Not sanitary, but so cute. Thanks, cashier at D!ck's Sporting Goods store! My son enjoyed a drive home, and you got to make him smile!

When I have time, I'll go on about our Honda saga! Can I drop kick them? please??

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  1. Oh dear! I have the same sort of story involving Wal-Mart and a half gallon of milk. I told the cashier she could take her milk and drink it. Bad Melinda!