Friday Fails

Man, I never really realized how many times a week I fail, until I started paying attention to blog about them. I need to not do that any more, it's getting depressing!
  1. Monday, Brendon felt awful-he was so cranky, slept about 6 1/2 hours DURING THE DAY TIME, plus his regular 9-10 hours Sunday and Monday night. It's not really a fail, but I let him sleep on me, in the wrap, because he was so pitiful. But that meant that Tuesday naps wanted to be spent the same way...no such luck kiddo. Also, I "forgot" to shower. I mean, who does that?! It got to be about
  2. Tuesday, I didn't go into work because I was worried he'd still be sick. Plus, Braden had come down with something, the same thing, maybe, and we didn't want them to pass it back and forth. We went to the pool and I forgot to put sunscreen on Brendon. (I did remember his hat, so that makes it only a half fail!) His arms have a little pink tint-besides the rash--more on that later.
  3. Wednesday, Mark took himself to work in the morning (our van's transmission is out of comission). Brendon woke up with a rash all over his head, face and shoulders. Roseola. I feel like  failure because I couldn't keep him healthy, though I know it's not my fault.
  4. Thursday-I worked, so I was perfect!
  5. Friday-where do I start?! We went to go run errands after eating lunch with Mark. First, I left my wallet home. Second, I forgot to go to the bank to have money to buy groceries, twice! Third, I missed Brendon's naptime, so he slept for about an hour in the car, and that was his afternoon nap! Fourth, I forgot part of my list, so I had to do two transactions. 
I can't even bear to hold my head up---nah, I'm good. At the end of each day, the baby went to sleep with a full tummy. And I fell asleep next to his daddy. 

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