You say potato, I say tooth

The long wait has ended! I felt like it would never happen. I could see him going off to high school and still needing pureed food in his lunch box. Do they make dentures for kids? Is the poly-grip fruity flavored? Could I just photo shop some nice teeth in to his school pictures? Ah, the worries of moms. I knew it would happen eventually. I was kinda looking forward to proudly saying, at his first birthday, "nope, not a single tooth!" Kinda. Deep down, though, I'd be muttering to myself, "what's it matter? huh? huh? Nothing!" Then bawling my eyes out when we got home. I can see Mark now, "Well, it'll be ok. I'll mash his food up." and Brendon would look at me, grin, and say "ba-ba-ba" and gum his toys.

But that scenario doesn't have to happen any more! Brendon has a tooth! It's tiny, and very new. And he's also very protective of it. Isn't that funny, the parents want to show the world, but the kid becomes skilled at dodging and bobbing.
I had a split second thought about getting a picture of it (ok, i actually attempted) on some freak of nature that 1) he'd hold still for more than .32 of a second, 2) the flash would blind the picture or me or him, and 3), its actally big enough to show up in a picture. But I knew it'd be a fail.

Ok, I'm done with my exclamation, and off to bed before heading to work. Think of me, as you sit at your computers, laptops, iPhones, Blackberries, raspberries and read this. All, what 1 of you. And that's only because you Googled some absurd phrase like "poop on carpet" or "husband plays xbox" or "1 year old with no teeth."


  1. you're weird...but I love you anyway.

  2. I read your blog. I'm glad BAM finally has a tooth! Happy days! :)

  3. Congrats! Was it a horrible process?

  4. Amy-it's still going on. he's more cranky and clingy (to me, not daddy) than usual.

  5. Aw, I love reading your blog! I can always relate!
    I hate teething. Hate it. And all anyone will say to me is, "Just wait until he starts cutting eye teeth. It's sooooo much worse." Gee, thanks(jerk)!