not sure what to put here, but here's something anyways

Can I vent? I mean, will you listen to me vent? I don't need your permission, because this is my little area of internet word. I just don't want to scare you off.

Why is modern viewed as bad? Think about it (in the mommy's world area).
  • Cloth diapers. Are they really "better for the environment" than disposables? Do you really want to spend more money on each diaper (about $15-20 EACH), soap and electricity to wash them. That's my standpoint anyways, why I'm not getting in to them. Oh, that and the fact that you have to shell out over $500 AT ONE TIME. Unless you have some mad saving skills (or start saving as soon as you find out you're PG), who has that much extra cash floating around? If you do, tell me your tips, 'cause I'd jump on that wagon quick! (the get the extra $500 bucks part, not the cloth diapers part; I hate washing clothes). I know that disposables go to a landfill and blah blah blah, but unless you are super careful about your other trash, you're still contributing to waste. If you do cloth diaper, don't start posting about the glories of it (yeah, right, as if anyone reads this). I'm not harping on YOU, just the big push to do it. If I would get in to cloth diapers, and have another child, then yes, it would be nice because I wouldn't have to buy them again, but still with the more laundry (which I hate) and stuff.
  • Vaccines. Where would we be with out the "dreaded vaccines" these days? The ones like polio, or meningitis, or measles, or....even the flu vaccine? Polio is a horrible disease, and only through VACCINES! was our nation able to safely give you the option of living without the vaccine and not have to fear if you might be struck down with out the use of your legs. You can go on about how vaccines are made with all sorts of poisons and they're and awful thing to do to your sweet little angel, but think about it. If, some impossibly horrible way, that polio made it's way over from a third world country (think about how the bird flu or malaria hit the USA), my baby will be safe. I won't have to keep him home from school or outings. I don't have to fear each cold and sneeze. Yes, I pass up some "convenient" vaccines, such as the chicken pox vaccine. It's my understanding that you have to keep getting boosters for the chicken pox vaccine, while a physical exposure yields immunization for life. Besides, if BAM catches it as an adult, it's much worse than if he gets it (which I'm going to try my best!) while he's in his childhood. Yes, it will be a time of agony and gnashing of teeth, but trials yet triumph. I do pass on the flu shot, because 1)I get it to keep me from bringing it home from Hospital Land and 2) Brendon isn't in a daycare setting to be exposed to all those icky bacteria and virus.
  • (I'm such a dork, I forgot my other points) 
  • Oh, not related to my "why is old and out dated better than advanced?" rant. What is with all these birthing shows with moms that think "I can't bre@st feed." I've heard it all. "He would just latch on and fall asleep" Duh, he really just wants the comfort of your b00b, when he's hungry, he'll latch on and eat. "My milk took a few days to come in." Everyone's does! Your body took a while to get the message north that the little bugger is out and needs food. A full term newborn has about 2-3 days worth of fat storage (called brown fat), that was designed especially for this. Isn't God resourceful!? "She couldn't latch on/didn't know how to bre@st feed." *hits head on rock* Why didn't you try to work with her AND TEACH HER. Yes, babies are born knowing how to suck, and with a need to suck. But this is the first time they've had to WORK for their food. Go slow, be patient, and you both will learn. I can understand reasonable reasons, or even a desire to NOT want to, that's fine. But you can't give up just because you had to struggle a bit. I'm not going on a bre@st feeding only rant, each one has to choose which is best for each one's lifestyle, but if you're going to try, give it a good effort.
I think I'm done. I'm gonna go find another pair of socks and get my smoothie out of the freezer, then have a cuppa tea. 


  1. We use cloth diapers = ) I went really old school though, and because of it, only spent $110 for the whole shebang (instead of the expensive all-in-ones). I wasn't too fond of washing out poop, but comparitively, $10 for a pack of diapers and one pack in 1 - 1 1/2 weeks, the savings started coming in after 3 months. Caitlin wore cloth until she was 18 months so we saved around $500... certainly not for everyone, but it worked for us. Now, I WOULD say that people who get all of the all-in-ones are probably not saving any money, and are more than likely just wasting their time on washing all of them... they're probably more concerned with being "green" (still haven't figured out if that's actual concern or a new brand of pc)...