Is it Spring yet?

 I had my camera in the diaper bag, but guess where I left the diaper bag. No, silly, I did remember to bring it, but I just left it in the car. My rationale: there's nothing I need while we're playing anyways! Yeah, right. I made TWO (2) trips BACK. TO. THE. VAN. and did I happen to remember to get the camera. What do you think I am? Supermom?! Pshsh. So, enjoy the okish pictures taken with my iPhone.
First, we swung. I'm sure this was made for a bigger kid (the falling of straps gave it away, no?), but I wasn't so sure about the other ones. Anyways, BAM didn't know the difference and he liked it. 

There was so much room for Brendon to move in, that I think it kinda made him a little hesitant to start out. 

But once he realized he could go places!, he would not be stopped. Unless it was to look at a spot, or a leaf, or a twig, or a leaf, or a twig...he's very distractable :)

Not only could he crawl every where he wanted to, but he could stand up holding on to anything, everything! "Ha, mom, I'll stand up on this if I please!"

"Na-na-na-boo-boo!" If you zoom in...my son has a clover tongue. I saw him do this right as I pushed tapped (who pushes buttons these days?) the button, otherwise, I would have gotten a nice picture of his face without the green bar split. Eh, I'll laugh at this instead. Ha!

For me? Brendon, you shouldn't have. No, really, you shouldn't have. *brushes off his fingers and my pants* He really enjoyed picking the needles and the mulch up. He'd pick it up, and rotate his wrist around as if he was studying it, let it fall, and slap his hand down on it. He didn't try to eat it as much as I was thinking he would. I only had to fish things out of his mouth about 3 times. I think the stuff tickled him more that he liked!

Oh, the stairs! They're a big bigger than ours, so he only made it up one before holding his hands out to be rescued. I succumbed, and hoisted him up to play with the green bars again.

He found a great, familiar friend to play with. He'd talk to himself and bang his hand, and even try to eat himself...see the picture below. Gross, yes. but oh, so hilarious!

Full mouth on mouth. It started out as a lick. After that, I figured he already cleaned the nasties off, might as well let him have some fun, right? We stopped after a while, cause I could just imagine all the looks we were getting from the other playground users. I think I might have a hole in the back of my shirt, or my hair...

Anyways, I think he had a lot of fun, and it really tired him out. But, he wasn't cranky one bit, well, until we were about to leave anyways. we would have stayed longer, but it was surprisingly warm, and I haven't had ANY sun exposure since...that long ago...and I didn't want us to wake up tomorrow with sum burn, or have to stay there over night, cause they close the gates at sundown. I wonder how many people they trap inside each day...? Do they let them out the next morning with a warning? Or, do they give them tickets? Maybe, their punishment is that they have to stay and clean up the places that 8 month old babies spit up? What? Mine? Oh, no. I'm just assuming here. I mean, uh, I would NEVER leave spit up on the playground equipment just because I didn't think I needed the diaper bag. I would NEVER pick him up to move, saying, :lets try the swing," while thinking, "I hope no one notices what we left." I would NEVER do that. I'm sure some people would. But, what's with his random spitting these days? I'd realize he hasn't spit up for a few days (at least on my days off, whether he does at Christina's is another matter), then, he'll dress me with his lunch AND snack AND dinner, all in the same day!
We have a date scheduled. We're going to a fight hockey game, without the bambino. I figure, if I scatter a few puffs in his crib, prop up some bottles, and put two diapers on, he can take care of himself for a few hours, right?
JUST KIDDING, internet police, just kidding. I'd also give him a toy to occupy himself, AND turn the TV on. :)
He's spending the evening with Merlene and her boys. They enjoy having him around, and he'll like being able to move and crawl and such, rather than sitting on a lap. Plus, he can go to bed at a reasonable hour.
So long!

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  1. Oooooh looks like so much fun!! I wish I could have been there to pla on the playground with the two of you.

    I can't believe how big he's getting - and soooooo cute!!!

    How was the hockey game date?