...that a baby lives here

...that a guy lives here

 ...that *I* live here

 ...that Brendon doesn't like to nap

 ...that he succumbs eventually!

...that I don't have a maid, but need one. Anyone want a low non-paying job? You can be our live-in babysitter, too. Brendon's quite fun! Anyone? Anyone?


  1. I dunno. Your house doesn't look messier than mine. Of course, I do have a semi-live-in maid who comes every weekend to clean up Stephen's messes (Joanna). You just have to bribe your sisters with cookies and Friendship Bread, and then they'll clean for you. [grin]

  2. see, that's the great thing about pictures. you can zoom in and crop what you don't want to be seen. I didn't show you the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or the rest of the living room for fear that you'd call child protective services! ha!

  3. I interviewed for the job, and they let me stay a whole two weeks. It was great. Then one morning they said, load up your stuff. I'm taking you to the airport. What?????