Road trip, baby, road trip

We did a risky thing. We took a 6 month old on a 7 hour road trip. And we started at 5pm. Guess who ended up screaming at 10pm? Brendon Guess who wanted to be entertained the whole ride down? Brendon Guess who found it hard to nap in his seat while he could hear mommy and daddy just out of sight? Brendon Guess who, every time his little eyes found mine, reached out and cried begged for me to hold him? Brendon Guess who woke up to eat every 2 hours at night when we finally got to our destination? Brendon Guess who normally sleeps in the car, but didn't? ME! Guess who will never considering taking another road trip with a baby again? ME! Guess who drove most of the way and didn't get frustrated when I wanted to just give up and stop and live where we happened to stop? Mark :) thanks!

Aren't you glad I shared, so that you can be fully aware of what awaits you if you decide to travel with a baby? I can't imagine if there were TWO of them! I think I wouldn't have any hair left to fall out! But we survived, and we had a good time with Melinda, Hannah, Brie, and Janna, and various other friends we saw. 

As good as it was to get away, it was even better to get home. And, you know how, when you're packing for a trip, the mess just multiplies, no matter how much you try to not let it, and when you come home, there's a huger mess waiting for you? (and I think I used way too many commas!) Well, I did my best to clean up (after I finished packing and before we left) so we could come home to a cleanish house. We did! It was so nice to have somewhere to dump the junk that was created by the hours in the van, and not have to worry about adding to the chaos! I highly suggest that! What?! You already do that!? I guess I'm a bit behind in learning neat housekeeping tips. Next thing you know, you'll be telling me that you have a laundry room on the same floor as your dressers (I want one!) WHA-?! I give up! I can't compete with you, I'm a failure. Epic fail!

Just call me Ep.


  1. Oh yeah, road trips are not fun with a baby! We've been up to VA 3 times since Jonathan was born. It's 12 hours and he screamed for most of it. Hopefully he'll get better as he gets older. I remember when road trips were fun...*sigh*

  2. Haha! Now you know how I felt when we visited for your wedding! Glad we came, though. :)

  3. This was good to read. We were contemplating a 10 hour road trip in May when our baby will be 9 months old....I'm thinking that just forking over the money for the plane tickets might be worth it.