Randon Dozen

1. What was the last song you listened to?
Well, see I have the radio or a CD always going in the van when I drive. The silence (when it's just me) makes me think too much. I don't always pay attention to what I'm listening too, but I think the last song I realized I was listening too was Taylor Swift's You Belong with Me.

2. Have you ever had “buyer’s remorse” over anything?
Better question...what have I NOT had buyer's remorse over....our glider (rocking) chair....our bed :)...the epidural when Brendon was attempting to NOT BE BORN!

3. What is something in your life that you are thankful for now that you didn’t think you would be at the time of the event? (Something that seemed ill-timed, inconvenient or hurtful which turned out to be a good thing)
I must have missed this question when I was going over the preview...I'm going to go with the sappy and say when Mark started pursuing me :) I'm thankful he never gave up, although there were times I wished he'd get swallowed up by the black hole. Hi, Mark! I love you! :D

4. Do you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade every year? If so, do you have a favorite float or balloon?
I think I've watched it twice...once was by choice, and once was cause it was on the TV at someone's house where we had Thanksgiving dinner.

5. Share a quote, scripture, poem or lyric which has been an inspiration to you lately.
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt

6. This is meant to be a fun question, and this is a G-rated blog, but please share a “guilty pleasure,” something that you enjoy that’s probably not the most edifying, time-worthy or healthy thing you could be indulging in. Did I mention this blog is rated G?
Coke. Straight up CocaCola Classic.

7. What Thanksgiving food are you looking forward to?
I'm not sure I'm looking forward to it, cause I have to cook it all. I'm looking forward to the experience and the smells (those last almost forever!) But if I eat it, it means that I have to clean the dishes...But really? The sandwiches the day after. It'd be best on homemade bread, but store bought will work. Then you layer the turkey and stuffing. Mustard on the bread next to the turkey and on the bread next to the stuffing. Maybe put some cheese in between the two, if not, than gravy will work. Next to the sandwich, you need the mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberries, and a nice helping of sweet potatoes. If there's any room left, the green beans compliment it all. Maybe I am looking forward to it all :)

8. What is your favorite book to read to children, or what was your favorite childhood book?
I forget the name of it, but it was a pink cover (came with a necklace) and was about a girl that was so clumsy her cat ran away. Her grandma gave her a necklace, and with that she wasn't clumsy any more. That was one of my favorite books. Another one was the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Now, my favorite one to read to the bambino is Good Night Moon.

9. Do you collect anything? (Feel free to post a photo.)
Hair balls, dirty laundry, spit rags...just kidding, those things just *happen* to find themselves in big piles around the house. When I was a kid, I had the most amazing collection of frogs. Not real ones, but glass, plastic, fluffy...yeah it was huge!

10. Gift bags or wrapping paper?
While gift bags are quick and easy, I like the satisfaction of getting the wrapping done perfectly. Besides, it's so much more fun to open something that was wrapped, than to take tissue paper out of bag. Plus, I could never get the tissue paper to look just right. It was either sticking 3 feet out of the bag, or you had stick your head down inside the bag to be able to see that were was tissue paper in there.

11. Share an after-school memory from when you were younger. What was your routine like on an average day?
heh. I was homeschooled when I was younger. After lunch was "after-school." I guess I did normal kid stuff. Mess my room up, clean my room up, hide so I could read my book...

12. True story: Once, in a job interview, I was asked this question and told there would be no clarifying; I simply had to answer the question: “When you’re fishing, do you feel for the fish?” So what about you? Do you feel for the fish??
When I first read this question, I was thinking feel for the fish meant like you had a sense to be able to tell where the fish were. You know, feeling for fish...I read someone else's blog, and they have a totally different approach. Well, I'm going to go with my first thoughts. I'm not a big fishing person. I wouldn't know where the bad places were, I couldn't tell you where the good places were. No, I don't have the "feel" for the fish. Besides, I'm bad at guessing anything. And I hate waiting. I'm awful at being patient!

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