They all said it, but it's true!

Brendon has been growing and growing and growing. I know they're supposed to do that, but so fast?! He sits up well, in his bumbo chair. Here's a picture of him looking like he's just lounging around. He grabs at toys and actively plays with them.

Sometimes he gets them in his mouth. Sometimes, he looses them. He turns 4 months on Wednesday. Looking at pictures of him just a few weeks ago compared to pictures now, he has exploded! He loves his soft blankets. I have to put a soft blanket down in his crib for him to sleep on. And when I bundle him up in his carseat with a blanket, he grabs it in his hands and rubs it against his face.

I still have a hard time comprehending that this is our son. I never have to send him home or pass him back. I'm sure eventually I'll wish I could, but for now, I'm enjoying it! Sometimes, I rock him to sleep just so that we can snuggle and nap together. When he's awake he's just so interested in doing other things that he doesn't want to cuddle or sit still.

He loves to sit up, anywhere, on a lap, in his bumbo, in the carseat (if it's sitting up), especially on the couch! If he's reclining on the boppy, he'll lift his head and shoulders trying to sit up. He thinks his such a big now!

The other day, we met daddy out at the "chicken farm." It used to be a chicken farm, but now it's just a huge plot of land that's overgrown with trees and bushes and old trucks. BAM said he wanted to drive the crane, but his arms were too short. So we got a picture instead!

Work is going. I applied for a job at another hospital, but they didn't hire me :( I'm going to apply again. There were two other jobs that I was interested, I think I'm going to go apply for those. I also applied for an ICU job at my hospital. I haven't heard anything from them, yet, so I'm going to go investigate.

As for the bambino surviving my working, he's doing really well. He spends his days at my friend's ctygrl's house. Her son BEE is almost 6 months old. They play together, nap together, and I'm sure cry together. It's neat watching BEE develop and learn things, then watching as the bambino follows a few months later. Sometimes, though, I forget that the bambino is younger and not going to start sitting up by his own, or whatever, until it's time for him to do it.

We didn't really do much for Halloween. I was working, besides, we're not big into dressing up. Maybe next year when it'd be more for him. I did get him a little costume. It's a black suit with a glow-in-the-dark skeleton on it. I did get pictures taken, so we'll at least have a little memory of it.

The teens at our church were having a hide-and-seek game at the mall last night. We went along as the hiders. Just an excuse to walk around the mall and do some shopping. Some adults really went all out with wigs and disguises, but, eh, whatever floats their boat. We got some nice dress clothes for Brendon. One is a green and grey plaid button-up shirt with black corduroy, another is a white dress shirt with black pinstripe pants and a blue striped tie. There was a cute pinstripe hat, but it was too small for him. Compared to his size, his head is on the normal size. So even though he's wearing mainly 3-6 (emphasis on the 6) month clothes, his head is 3 or 4 month size.

I tried making new things to eat around here. One was a batch of beanless chili...I didn't have any chili seasonings, so it was kind a bland. Plus, the rice soaked up ALL the liquid, so that was kinda mushy and dry at the same time. Another thing was two types of cookies. One was peppermint chip (they turned out flat and crunchy), and another was some sort of oatmeal/walnut/chocolate chip. They turned out crunchy and crumbly. MCM really wanted me to try those, so I did. We'll see how he likes them.

I was woken up in the middle of the night, ok 5am, with a phone call that I didn't need to go in to work today. Not only could I not go back to sleep after that (I was imagining my to-do list that I could do now), but I was seriously craving a grape Fanta. Not the ones here from the USA in a plastic bottle, but from Grenada in glass bottle that you'd need a bottle opener to open. Instead, I have sugar-free generic Crystal Light grape...stuff to drink.

Now, what was I saying about that to-do list...?

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