What big teeth you have!

Today was BamBam's one month check-up. I knew he was huge, this appointment confirmed it. He's 12 pounds, 8 ounces, 23 inches long/tall, and his head is 15 inches around. His weight has him passed the 100-percentile, and his length in the 95 percentile. Which means (I'll admit it, I still have to think about it this way). He weighs more than 100% of babies his age, and he's taller/longer than 95% of them. I guess all that spitting up he's doing isn't harming his growth. He didn't get any shots today, they come next month. I hope he doesn't scream bloody murder, the way he does when I pull something over his head to dress him.

*rabbit trail* I just got a whiff of my shirt...yuck...BamBam spit up on me. Suppose it comes with the territory. I was going to change it, but I fell prey to the But-First Syndrome. I was going to change my shirt, but first I should do the laundry so I have clean clothes, but first I should nap while the bambino naps, but first I need to update my blog so my husband doesn't do it for me, but first I should find something to make for dinner, but first I should read my emails and blog readers...and on it could go. So, I found something for dinner (I think, if I'm adventurous to make it), I read my emails, my shirt still smells like spit up, the laundry is sitting in the basket staring at me, and I'll be falling asleep about 8pm tonight. Don'tcha love it?

Blondie has gone off to a real live college this fall. Last year, she stayed at home and went to a community college and worked. This year, she's out in the hills?...mountains?...lands! of Tennessee. I clicked through her pictures on facebook, and was surprised to see that she's already made quite a few friends-several guys too! She had her arms around one, she and another girl were kissing another guy's cheeks...and this is a "Christian" college? I mean, I'm not all for the BJU style "absolutely no touching, don't even think about touching to push him out of the way of a falling piano" strict, but I think this college is waaay over on the liberal side. Know what they told her about clothes? Her shorts have to have at least a 6 inch inseam. AT LEAST 6 INCHES?! That's like, what, just enough to cover your butt cheeks? I just had to get that off my chest. I'm good now.

Back to family news. Thing One is headed up to NY with Dad to check out a merchant marine academy. He's been trying to get someone to go since I went off to college! I'm not sure what the merchant marines are/do/is, but I've always imagined that they all work on mast ships selling and traded wool and stuff like that. I mean, the name is very dis-leading. Merchant-why not say clerk or cashier or something else that gives that impression? Merchant--like, Hello, I'm a shopkeeper from the 1700's. Nice to meet you. Then there's Marines. I think of tough, dirty, buff soldiers, don't you? No hair, thick muscles, decked out in BDU's or something. Those two words just don't mix, like Microsoft Works. No it doesn't. Heh, I made a funny!

Forget what I said about falling asleep at 8, I'm propping my eyelids up with toothpicks right now. So I'm gonna go take a little snooze while the bambino is sleeping, maybe he'll sleep for longer that 45 mins. That's been his going rate these days. Crying is good for the lungs, right?

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