Wordless Wednesday

We, meaning mom-in-law, Melinda, the bambino and I, headed out to the NEW! Target. It was a nice experience. The store still had the new, clean smell. All the racks were nicely organized. Everything was fully stocked.

This one, we hadn't gone anywhere, except to send a letter and check the mail. I put him in the sling in the first place because he wouldn't sleep for more than 20 mins by himself. He slept in the sling for about an hour and a half. Enough time to go visit the office people who were dying to see him again, and to put BamBam's clothes away, and to make some cookies. But as usual, the cookies cooked a little too long...oh well. Maybe one day, I'll be a good cookie maker.

I have a wrap too. I even got a picture with BamBam in it, but I'm not sure where that picture is. It might be on my camera, but my memory card reader went kaput the other day, so it'll just have to sit there until I can find another reader. While the bambino is sleeping, I think I shall take a nap too. It's time.

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