Welcome Baby Boy

My friend CtyGrl had her baby this morning. She was about 6 weeks ahead of me. Now? She's leading by a life changing event! Braden Eugene, Bee, was born at 4:41 am on May 21st. He weight 7 pounds, 2 ounces, and measured 19 inches long. His head is so tiny, his tongue so pointy. He's got super long legs and fingers and huge feet.

He stayed awake for quite awhile, letting us take pictures and annoy the snot out of him by unwrapping his blankets and nearly blinding him with our camera flashes. He loved to stick his tongue out, as if tasting the air, trying to figure out what was different.

CntryBy finally held Bee after CtyGrl feed him a bit. He had held him before, I'm sure, but this was the first picture I could get. Bee really wanted to stay awake, he kept fighting off the exhaustion. But I guess daddy's arms won and Bee drifted off into his first postnatal nap. I thought CntryBy might fall asleep  too with his newborn son in his arms. I have more pictures that I took with my camera, but I can't find my memory card reader, so these from my phone are all I have to show.

CtyGrl is my new hero. She made it through with absolutely no pain meds (until they had to stitch up the lacerations the kid's head caused)! I really want my delivery to go like that, but minus the lacs, of course :D This kid is so stinking cute! I'm having such a hard time comprehending the fact that SHE HAS A BABY! It was different when she was still PG, even though this day was coming, but Bee was not his own person yet. Well, he was, but, come on, you know what I'm getting at, right!? 

He was rooting constantly as we oohed and aahed over him. Then when mommy tried to feed him, he was like "I've opened my mouth; you do the rest of the work for me." He'd just open and wait and not think to close his mouth and suck. The pros came in and straightened him out. CtyGrl went at it like a natural, took it all in strides. I have an adorable picture of CtyGrl gazing down at him, so cute! But, it was one I took with my camera.

I'm not a patient person, any one who knows me, knows that. Unless I manage to hide it well. Last night, I did not hide my impatience at all. I arrived at the hospital around 3ish, along with Coast Guard Wife. We didn't really want to just sit in CtyGrl's room and make her feel like a goldfish. So we left to the waiting room. We got occasional updates from CntryBy. We finally got word that she was pushing, but she didn't feel like company-totally understandable. So we waited, and waited. Finally she was all cleaned up and we could go see her. 

I'm even more eager to meet my own son. I'm just a little, ok a lot, apprehensive about getting there. But for now, CtyGrl, you rock!

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