Now all we need is the baby

This weekend has been great. MCM and I haven't had a weekend where we've both been home and off work, at the same time. He frequently goes into work on Saturdays for a few hours. Not today. We went on a shopping trip *gasp* I know! I had gift cards to both Target and BabiesRus, plus something to return to BabiesRus.

After we came back and settled down from our galavanting, I went to work putting things together in Brendon's room. I emptied a ton of junk out of his crib and put a sheet on the mattress. I have to take it off to put the mattress pad on, but that won't take long. This kid isn't even breathing yet, and he has more blankets that I have shoes! That yellow one is from my mom and sisters. There's a little silky sitting in the corner from Paul who can't wait to play with Brendon. Literally, play with him as a football. He told me so himself...I'm going to have to nip that in the bud though.

You can see the stars, but you can't really see the nifty little swirlies that make this material a perfect with the quilt I'm working on. MCM's mom made them. She's quite talented in that area. They really brighten the room up, since the dark blue is so...well...dark.

I only showed half the dresser, cause the other half still had some junk on it. I got the lamp on clearance at BabiesRus the other week. Auntie Blondie gave me that Willow Tree figurine for a special occasion. I think my birthday, or anniversary...or Christmas. It's been a while. 

I just have a few more things to get straightened out. I have to find some place to put all those diapers from TWO diaper cakes. I have to return some baskets I got for the changing table shelves...they're two inches too tall. And take out all the trash that's accumulated from presents and such. 

I really just started this post tonight cause I couldn't sleep. Now I'm having a hard time holding my head up, so mission accomplished.

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