And I lived happily ever after

Can I just say that her hands were amazing?! Sure they were aged, not as strong as they used to be. Perhaps a little thinner, but they did a great job.

I went for a prenatal massage today. Blondie gave it to me for a baby shower present. Actually, she gave me 2 prenatal and 2 postnatal massages. Today was the first *sigh*

I had to drive through The Tunnel to get there, just me and my apprehension. I mad sure that I had my music, water and cell phone just in case something happened. It wasn't that bad actually. Traffic flowed nicely and I made it out the other end before I could be swallowed whole *whew*

I got there, "signed in" (their words not mine), entered the bathroom/locker room/shower room. It was pretty much plushy plushy. I had a robe, slippers, disposable underwear, and as many towels as I could use at my disposal. As big as my belly is, the robe still swallowed me up. Heh.

When my masseuse came to get me, I really hoped she was just the go-fer. She looked really frail and...old. But, boy, oh, boy, could she massage. She found this one spot, a muscle with a knot that I didn't even know I had. The muscle, that is. She rubbed and kneaded and pressed and oiled and kneaded some more *melts at the memory of it*

I hope she didn't mind my legs. They're not exactly hairy, but I wouldn't call them smooth, either. They're almost a cross between sandpaper and cacti. Know how legs get when you put lotion or oil on them...and if there's the slightest bit of growth on them...it becomes awful like...porcupine prongs. Or is it prines? Or prickles?

The drive back...of course there was a "disabled vehicle" in the tunnel. But really, I only spent about 15 minutes or so extra, waiting on the vehicle to be towed away. Yet again, the tunnel let me slip through it's jaws unscathed.

*sigh* I love happy endings.

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