Week 30

Yeah, it's time. Here's some pictures from today. I've had to revert to wearing regular t-shirts, rather then the in-style baby doll T's. They just don't cover the belly. And this one is getting tight. *sigh*

I keep on getting asked if I'm ready to have the baby...NO! I'm not! I'm happily pregnant, feeling great, and usually can pull of the cute preggers look! There are times when I feel huge, when my back hurts, and I just want to lay around like a couch potato.

I had another doc's appointment this week. Guess what!? Doc didn't mention my weight; and when he did the fundal (uterus) measurement, his non-verbals indicated I was smaller than he had anticipated. Meaning??? This low-calorie stuff they have me eating is too low-calorie. But he would never ever say that, cause that would mean he was *gasp* wrong or something.

I've been able to schedule my work hours differently. Instead of working three 12-hour shifts, I only work one 12 and then I have three 8 hour shifts. I like that a whole lot more. Yeah, I have to go to work more often (thus getting up earlier more often than not), but I don't work as late. I have a whole lot less stress at work, though too.

Yup, that about sums it up.

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