Too Big, Too Small...I'm confused

So, I was reading in this one baby book a friend lent me. It was telling me all about the 28th week, what tests the docs would do, what's developing in the baby--everything you'd expect to find in a baby book. Then I read this sentence..."Your weight gain should be between 17 to 24 pounds by now." Seventeen to twenty-four...I'm like right in the middle of that. I guess because I started small, I should be closer to 17 than 24, but I'm smack in the middle of it...why would Doc decide that my weight gain is too rapid? That's what she said, "We (as if she's going to be working on it with me) need to sloooow down on the weight gain." I know I'll be gaining about a pound every two weeks for the last two months or so (and by me gaining the weight, I know it's really Brendon), but I feel like I'm right on schedule.

And to make matters worse, no one can make up their mind if I look too small or too big. I know they all feel like they just *have* to say something, but couldn't they all agree?!? Like today, I was talking to Gwen at work, and she's like "You're so tiny, look at the bitty baby bump." Then I mentioned how I feel so huge (cause I do!!), and she's like "don't you dare starve that child!" And then I told her how Doc wants me to slow down on the weight gain, and all. She said

My mind just blanked. I *hate* it when that happens. Hang around, it'll come back...I hope.

Oh yeah. She asked how much further I have, and when I told her 12 weeks, she goes "Oh yeah, you'd better slow down on the weight." Talk about mixed signals!?

Then we discussed how that if this child has the genes to end up huge, like his great-grandpa (a 13 pounder), then there's he's going to do it. And in the next breath, she says you'll need a C-section for sure. How does she know what my inside measurements are?! I learned in school (from an experienced OB nurse, Wuanita) that just because a woman has a small frame, does not mean she cannot handle a 10, 11, or 12 pound baby; and just because a woman is "large boned" doesn't mean she won't get stuck trying to push out a 6 or 7 pounder.

But whatever, I am going to eat healthier, like cut back on the sweets (sugar cereal, fruit juice, and sugary snacks) so that at my next visit I can say I'm trying it. I am currently drinking a vanilla coke, though, but that's only because I can feel a huge migraine coming on (something I haven't had since about week 15 or so) and it's the only caffeine in the house.

But I guess the bottom line is listening to Doc (cause they do this sort of thing every week), but also listening to my body and not starving little Brendon.

Oh, on a good note, I had my 1 hour glucose test yesterday. My glucose was only 123, so I'm good for not having gestational diabetes. My hemoglobin was 12, they also told me, which is on the low side of normal but I don't have to take iron pills. And my blood type is still B negative. Glad to know it hasn't changed since my blood donating days :D. That also means I have to get a shot tomorrow, RhoGAM, and another at delivery so I don't make antibodies to this and subsequent babies' blood.


  1. Lol. Just people talking because they feel they have to say SOMETHING! I'm so glad your pregnancy is going well. Congrats again!

  2. I think it's most important to follow your body's signals since you - as opposed to the doctor - are most familiar with it. It is better to eat healthy and stay active for labor is... well labor. You are doing great! You were designed to do this!

  3. *points up to the previous message* I agree with what she says!

  4. Good to hear that your so well kept of your body and health keep it updated thanks for the post hope you had a safe pregnancy.