Family Pictures

But with only with half the family around. I was worried at first, cause my dad seemingly started to snap pictures while we were standing in the sunniest spot of the yard, in front of the worst background... The sun was VERY bright, as you can see, the light colors are glowing.

So Dad and MCM and Blondie were glowing in the sun light, Thing 1 and Thing 2 were looking all springy, without being too bright. And then came me in dark blue. Eh, oh well, I think they turned out pretty cool.

Now I just have to get some of them printed out for my mom's wall of frames. The picture she has up there of MCM and me is from...2006. That's 3 years ago!

I know it looks like I'm posing WITH the tree, but really, I was in front of it. It just so happens that when I turned to show the profile, I ended up next to the tree.

Me and my daddy and the baby. See how his shirt glows, the shadows accentuate the faces...and my dress absorbs all that extra light....LOL

Blondie, Me, MCM, Thing 1, Thing 2. The best part of the family, no?

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