Baby Update

I finished up the last, the truly last bit of painting in the baby's room. And I even cleaned up the mess that was left. Then I was tired, so I sat in the glider for a while. Man, that thing is comfortable! I really don't have anything specific to write about, but I know it's time to update.

I'm having a hard time putting my socks and shoes on, the bean bag is in the way :D I did manage to paint my toenails about a week or so ago. I don't know if I'll be able to change it myself though...wanna come have a pedi-party??

Brendon is really learning his moves in there. I think his favorite spot to poke some appendage out is right around my belly button. I can almost always find him there. My co-workers are really excited about my pregnancy. They rub the belly for luck, for a good shift, for any reason really. And he kicked Renea. He also likes kicking my badge. I have a beaded necklace that I wear it on. It ends up sitting right on top of my belly. It is kinda heavy from the stuff I have on it, so when he kicks, it bounces back. I think he can feel it, because he'll do it once...then do it again....then again, just right there. Kinda funny, no?

I'm starting to get excited, like really, really, really, really excited. But the more I get excited about having him in my arms...I also get more and more apprehensive about the birthing part. Like, what if I forget everything I've learned and I freak out?!

I just saw this scroll across the bottom of Discovery Health. "Drinking three or more alcohol drinks daily may result in involuntary muscular movements, says Spanish researchers." Maybe they're on to something???

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  1. I'm really excited for you! Try to always keep in mind that, as a woman, your body is designed for this :) You'll be great.