Oh Baby!

I'm participating in a....something. Here's my baby pics I had laying around my computer

At first, I thought this was the only one I could find, but then I found others. I don't know if those are my bangs or if they're attached to the headband...

My first Christmas

Let me tell you, this shirt...I think my two older brothers wore it before me. And probably my younger sister and brother wore it after me...if it was still available. It's seen lots of years. Hey, if those two hands are there...who's taking the picture and in what weird position did they have to get it...
"Move your head back a bit more"
"No, you move your armpit out of my face"
I don't think I want to know.

Don't my happy looking face fool you. This doll is the creepiest thing. She's bigger than I was!! But I must say, my ruffles outdo hers any day!

And because no post would be complete with out my baby's picture. This is at 24 weeks and 1 day, right at the beginning of month 6. Speaking of the baby, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Apparently, Dr. Know-It-All, thinks that my gaining 15 pounds in 6 months for this baby is WAAAAAAAY to much. He's like "I'm not going to say your weight in front of these people (my mom, sister and husband), but it's too much!" I just nodded and okayed him. My mom...you would have thought he was talking to her. She rolled her eyes and huffed at him. I just brushed it off. I mean, I do still fit in to my pre-preggers jeans, mostly. I can't button them, duh, and my hips are spreading, but it's not fat, it's because my uterus has no place else to go. Whatever. I haven't changed my eating habbits much. I eat breakfast more often now, and I have a snack between lunch and dinner. That's about it. He'll get over it; I'm not going to worry.

Okay, I'm done ranting. The ultrasound went well, those spots on his brain resolved, and he's still a boy :D We saw some really cute 3-D picture of him, but they weren't worth 12 bucks for a CD with 3 pictures on it. And the pictures the tech did print out for us are all blurry and really bad looking. Whatever, he'll be here soon enough and I can take all the pictures of him I want.


  1. Greetings, I stopped by from Rach's Show us your Baby Pics. Your photos are great. The one of you now....I'm thinkin your DR is overly cautious. Blessings, SusanD

  2. Great pictures! The red dress one is so cute!

    Don't worry about your doctor! You will be fine. You look adorable!!!

  3. how fun for you to do a baby photo carnival as you are getting ready to celebrate your own baby coming! congrats.

    hmm, seems like we both have similar photos of glazed over looks in red dresses and scary dolls!

    nice to meet you.

  4. Hi there! Your baby pics are SO cute! I had some heavy bangs too!

    So glad you showed off your photos! Congrats on your little one. :-)

  5. Those pictures are precious! And congrats on your pregnancy! I won't tell you how much I gained when I was pregnant, but let me just say that I think your are FINE. Seriously. And you look fantastic in that belly shot! What an exciting time - 6 months along!

  6. they were your real bangs...
    its mommy beth's hands and pam took the pic


  7. Yay! I think that Brendon's room is super cute!! I can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!!

  8. Hey, I THOUGHT I recognized my mom's hands! I bet you're so excited to meet your baby soon! Babies are the BEST!
    And I roll my eyes at your doctor's weight comment. He's probably just married to a tiny, blond, weight-obsessed little thing who subsists on carrots, lettuce, and sauna days at the spa. My doctor NEVER said anything about the (way too much) weight I gained, and my kids are healthy. I'm sure the research data will change again next year regarding weight recommendations, so you just enjoy your pregnancy!