Wordless Wednesday (with a post)

I did a lot of work on the quilt I started a while ago. Unfortunately, I don't think it'll go good for a boy or the bedding that MCM and I picked out. But if I just quit now, it'll be added to another pile of unfinished projects. Besides, I can't go buy more material until I get this out of the way.

And I did some work on the garden today too. I walked out to check the mail and I really didn't want to go back inside. And then I remembered that my dad had dug up some bulbs and I still needed to plant them. So I did that, and got a good dose of warm weather, sunshine, fresh air and dirt. At least, when the cold weather sets back in tomorrow, I'll be at work running around keeping warm...heh..

I bought myself some flowers. Not for any reason, certainly not because MCM does, cause he does :D I just though that the dining room looked better with fresh flowers in it. When my tulips bloom, I can add those. I won't have any greenery though, besides the leaves...oh well...

I think Bobbie Jo has invited a friend over and forgot to tell me. He bumps on one side of my stomach, and immediately bumps the other side, while occasionally kickboxing with my bladder.

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