My little project/Wordless Wednesday with a post

My mom and sister came down for my ultrasound and stayed to help paint Brendon's room. This first wall is done, except I just threw those stickers up there. I'm going to move them to the top, like a border. That way, it'll keep the busyness away from hitting you in the face.

This is the wall opposite the other stripey one. We ran out of tape...twice...and time. But Mom and Blondie really helped to get it going. I just have to pick up one more roll of tape, finish the stripes, and paint the other two walls. They're going to be solid. I'll show you the finished thing when it's done.

Oh, these are the letters I'm painting for his name. They're going to go above the window on a solid wall.


  1. All I can see are B-R-E-N-O. Breno? What kind of name is THAT?

  2. uh...i can see the D too. the others are buried. it spells brendon