Give me the baby drain any day!

I had a scare this morning. Since Bobbie Jo started moving, she's always been on the move. This morning, when I woke up, I realized that I hadn't felt her move since last night, earlyish, like 9:30 or so. I almost panicked, ok, I did panic. I was wide awake at 830am, poking and nudging my belly, just waiting for one little kick. Just one. I would have called the doctor's office, but they don't open til 9 anyways. So I googled. "They" said that the baby's probably just being lazy, and to hold off calling the doc until the rest of the day went with out any movement. So I ate breakfast, showered and got dressed, and Bobbie Jo decided to wake up. Apparently, she's a late sleeper like me :) What can I say?

Now, before you blast me with comments of how wonderful it's a girl...we find out on Tuesday if it's a he or she. I just go back and forth between he and she, so that I don't get too attatched to one or the other. I think it's working. I did the ring on a string hanging over the belly thing, to see if it's a boy or girl thing...it first swung back and forth (or a boy), then continued into circles (girl), THEN back to back and forth...and yet again back to the circles...I guess he likes to keep people guessing. All I can say is, he'd better cooperate on Tuesday and not hide or be shy or anything like that!

I was going to expound upon other stuff, but alas, this baby has drained my brain once again. Not that I'm complaining, I mean, I'd rather have my brain drained and my baby moving, than an intact brain and empty arms.

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