I see blue booties in the future

We saw every inch of HIM! It's a boy! I do have the picture, but with no scanner you can't see it yet; she wrote on there "What a man!" :) I was so excited! I practically wanted to leap off the table and jump up and down, but I restrained myself and saved it for when we got in the car.

Yesterday was D-Day. What does that "d" stand for...I dunno, but I guess in this case, it'd be "U-Day." The technician was very nice and professional. She asked us if we wanted to know the sex, and said she had to do all her measurements first, then she'd 'search it out' (my words, not hers). She did all her stuff--the jelly was actually very warm!

Everything looked fine, except for some cysts on his...choroid plexus. Yeah, I had to refresh my brain anatomy with Google--they're the part of the brain that produces the cerebrospinal fluid that circulates through and around the brain and spinal cord. Here's a summary of what Vicky told us.

Found in conjunction with other abnormalities, it could mean something serious. But by themselves, they aren't dangerous or problem causing. It's just *if* there were other abnormalities, like a cleft lip, finger malformation, or a heart defect, then it'd be something to worry about. She checked out our son (EEKK!!), his hands, heart, and face, and found nothing else to indicate this defect (called trisomy 18 or, Edward's Syndrome). They'll reevaluate again, I think she said 24 weeks, but she said everything looked great.

We saw his face, in 3D! Well, as much as we could. He had his face squashed up against my uterus wall, and wouldn't move. His version of "You may now leave my personal bubble, thanks!" I'm going to be able to pick it up at my next appointment, next week. I'll for sure be putting them up here!

Ok, I need to go get ready to eat lunch with MCM. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ultrasounds are so much fun - I was always sorta disappointed with the pictures. Don't get me wrong, they are exciting to have and keep looking at, but they aren't as awesome as seeing it happen in real time on the monitor!

    In any case, congrats to you and MCM! I'm already looking for something fun to knit for Bobby Joe ;)