....I forget...

So much pressure to blog, sheesh. Whatever. Here's a picture of the Bump. I took them Monday, I think. I can't be sure of anything these days. I'm really suffering from baby brain. Speaking of baby brain, I was shopping at Wal*Mart today, you know, for groceries and food and food and stuff. Here's the thing, I set my wallet in the trunk while I load the groceries, and stick the keys in my pocket, just in case. But not today. Today, I dropped the keys in the trunk with my wallet. Today, I forgot the keys weren't in my pocket. Today, I locked my wallet, my keys, AND my phone in the trunk...before I had unlocked the doors. I briefly considered throwing myself at the feet of a stranger to let me use their cell phone...then I remembered that stores have phones too...So I walked back through the door to the customer service, all the while flipping back and forth between sobbing and and laughing my head off...I called my Knight in Dr Pepper Pants to come save me. But since they were in the wash or something, he didn't come wearing them. At least, he did come, right?

I think that's it. I can't be sure any more these days...
I hope it gets better. I've got good help from my coworkers though. Most of them are parents, completely understand, and laugh with me when I cannot remember their names.

Mom, if you come visit you can see it for real!

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