These are a few of my favorite [Christmas] things...

**WARNING** this post has lots of pictures...just so you know **WARNING**

This is our Christmas tree this year. I just got the ornaments on today. I can't find the star we bought last year, so it's topless...but I think it looks pretty.

This one of the many "Our First Christmas" ornaments we've received. This one was a wedding present. Oh, it's very heavy, I had to support the branch it's hanging on with other branches, some rope, and one of those bamboo beams. All just so it wouldn't tip the tree over.

This one is from my mom. I like the golden stuff on top. It like wiggles with any slight movement :)

This one is super heavy too. I had to hang this on the exact opposite side to keep balance. Unfortunately, I only had one bamboo beam, so that branch at the bottom? Yeah, it's sitting on it.

This is my favorite first Christmas ornament. It doesn't exactly say that, but it's a cute couple. I guess next year, we'll have to get one with three, count them-three, snowmen/people/characters :)

Don't be fooled by his apparent cuteness. This squirrel is as evil as the others that live on Bob Jones University campus. Once, I was walking to class or something, and I came upon a squirrel doing who knows what in the grass. I stomped my feet on the sidewalk and startled it. It ran around in a few circles, scampered up the first tree it saw, ran out on a branch, didn't bother to notice the branch ended and fell about 20 feet back to the ground, almost exactly where it started...it lay there stunned for a few seconds, then ran back the same tree didn't make the same mistake as before...dumb squirrels.

This is my favorite frog ornament. Who can resist a frog eating a peppermint?? I have many more frog ornaments, but to keep your hardrives from crashing, I refrained from adding 20 more pictures.

Stay with me, I'm almost done. These last two are my only nurse ornaments. There I'm done! That wasn't so bad was it??

Forgive me, I forgot about my pickle! But I won't comment on it...just...here.

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