Caution-Side Effects

I bet if people talked about all the negative side effects of pregnancy, like played them up as much as the good ones get mentioned, there'd be a whole lot less of accidental pregnancies. You know, like making sure they know that their bladder will never be get to it's 'full' capacity before having to be emptied. Or that all day feeling of nausea that, even though you've tried everything everyone has thrown your way with no success, will not go away. Or that your most favorite sleeping position, tummy down, will now be a constant battle between you and the belly. I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow, and I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps...maybe it's just an steam vent, but I'll try not to be too disappointed if this nausea diggs its heels in and lasts past week 12. OH! I've got ultrasound pictures!! I'll post them when I'm done, because MCM is working on his and my mother-in-law's computer doing stuff to them. Because of that, the internet is bogged way down. Just loading this page took about all of 8.72 minutes, so I just *know* the uploading will take probably about 6 years, 4 months, and 3.5 days.

Oh, yeah, this too. We're at my in-law's house in Wisconsin. Wisconsin! That's like almost Canada!! Not that that's a bad thing, I frequent many blogs that oringinate in Canada. But so far north means that it's COLD and SNOWY. During dinner, we noticed that the current temperature was -6*F. That's on the other side of zero! Like, it could warm up 20 degrees and still be below freezing!! I think the highest it got today was maybe 7*. Seven!!

I'll tell about the plane ride later, but know this....it involves a mother with three kids (she does earn some brownie points for doing it by herself), a breakdown (not by any one under the age of 10), and a landing-phobic grown woman. *HINT* they're all the same person...

Isn't my little Bobby Joe so cute!!


  1. That's what happens when when boy meets girl. I could have told you all that. The part before the trouble is fun tho...:-D My consequence is sitting in the kitchen throwing his fork on the ground.

  2. Awe....I'm so sorry that you're feeling so icky, Krystina!! I would TOTALLY take part of the icky-sicky feeling for you if I could. No really....I WOULD!! I hope you're feeling better soon!!! I'd commiserate with you, but not having ever been in that state myself, I can't. But look on the bright side -- in just a few short months you'll have a beautiful baby -- and I'll still be single. Hope that made you smile :o)

    Love ya!!