It's a....?!

Is it possible to have a baby bump this early? Maybe it's my imagination, but maybe it's not. (Yes, my back really does curve that much. No, I'm not sticking it out) Or maybe it's my butt that's big...I never thought about that one...

Then again, maybe so. I'll tell you one thing, something is growing in there cause when I sleep on my stomach, like I like to, 'stuff' starts pressing on things. It is not comfy, not at all.

On a cheerier note...here's the progress I've made on Bobby Jo's quilt. I've got most of the pieces cut and some of them even sewed together. I decided to go with the pattern I first found. One, I'm impatient to start. And, two, I know I'll start slacking about halfway through. And when I do slack, I'll have the time to take off to slack.

That's it, bed time for me. I can't type worth beans, every fifth key stroke is backspace about 6 letters....

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  1. OH...a baby bump probably because you are so skinny, not b/c you have a big bum (not that I've been checking it out, but you don't). Yay for Bobbie Joe!!!

    I love the colors for the quilt. Somehow I knew you would pick bright colors, what with the tropical influence and all.

    Yes, I got all moved out of the old place. Yes, I need a lot of stuff for when I move in to the new one....but fortunately, it's nothing I can't live without. Thanks for asking :o)

    See ya Saturday!!