So I can blog about it, since I told my family.

I'm preggers!!

*big grin*

I haven't been blogging cause I know I'd say something about it and I didn't want it to leak to my families before I told them.

I'm due in Julyish, the 13th if I can count right. We're calling it Bobby Joe, or Bobbie Jo, which ever the feeling is.


  1. So so so so so happy for you guys!!! :)
    You're going to make great parents and have so much fun with your little one!!
    What was everyone's reaction when you told them?

  2. Yeah, so I wanna know how Mom reacted when you told her.

  3. Yay!! Babies are so exciting!! I know you are both going to be wonderful parents, but I would really love to be there the first time Mark changes a diaper. I will be praying for you and Bobbie Joe and I hope that your pregnancy is safe and very boring!

    Love you!!