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So, gasoline is quickly becoming the cheapest staple of an American family these days. I have a picture of it's price taken from a gas station that is right out side of our apartment complex. MCM and I have been monitoring it, watching the number change almost daily. Today, it read $2.09 for the regular unleaded. I know someone mentioned on their blog that it's under two dollars somewhere. Who was it that predicting gas to be 5 bucks a pop soon...?

MCM and I went to an "American Heritage Band Concert and Dinner" put on by the school associated with out church. It was overall ok. One of the songs they played was the Armed Forces thingy. And usually, the band director says if you've been in once of these services (and so forth). Tonight, I think the director got a little excited about it. He went on, after saying please stand if you've been in one of these services, to say if you have a spouse, if you have parents, if you have siblings, if you even have grandparents (and so forth). What was I to do?? I have a grandfather who was in the Navy, a brother who's in the Marines, and a brother-in-law who's in the Army. I guess I was going to be playing popcorn during the song. So I stood for the Marines, and I sat back down. I thought about standing for ArmyBoy, but then decided that MCM could. Well, he didn't. And it was halfway through. I certainly wasn't going to stand late, because they were going to look at me and think, what did she start day dreaming already? But I popped back up for the Navy. I think my legs got a work out tonight. I can skip the gym right??

I'm headed to work this weekend and I wish I had a podometer to show you how many steps I take all day long. And I wouldn't even use it on the trek to and from my car. See, background info, the hospital is building a new tower dedicated soley towards orthopedics. Therefore, they've doomed the whole visitors' parking area on that side of the hospital, pushing the visitors' spots to meld with employees' spots. There is one row that no one knows for sure if it's visitor parking or employee parking (I avoid it, just in case). But that all means that we employees have to park in East Bulgaria. We even have to have stickers to ensure cooperation. Needless to say, we pretty much start our shift winded from the trek over.

After almost a year of talking about it, we've finally bought a bed frame :D I was feeling particulary blue one evening and MCM decided not to surprise me with it later, but throw it at me that night. He's like "I bought a bed" and my thoughts were just a mess of "we already have a bed" and "did we have money for that" and "you what!?" He was just planning on picking it up when I was at my class (which I forgot to go to *oops* ) and all. It's dark wood...and...nice.

That is what's been going on over here.

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