Corrections and Explenations

I basically scribbled that last post and ran out the door to dinner. I do know how to spell finally, and we aren't NAMING the baby Bobby Jo, it's just our little label for it now.

My mom's reaction was interesting to me. I changed into a different cooler shirt than the heavy sweater I had on, cause the weather had warmed up. I said, hey mom, do you like my shirt? She turned around, read the "bun in the oven" phrase across is and for like 2 minutes just stared open mouthed at me. I was worried she wasn't excited. I was wrong, cause she shrieked like a banshee. All my sisters were like, I knew it! How may I ask???

My dad was on the phone with my brother, The Officer, and was like I have to go. After he comprehended it, he called The Officer back and said "Your sister is pregnant!"

In the times following dinner, I proceeded to call various family members to tell them.

Marine brother was funny. I told him, and he replied back, Happy Birthday, and good (I think he was searching for congratulations) on your {pause} accomplishment!

There you have it.

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  1. [Giggle] at Mom's reaction. That's so funny! I can totally picture her mouth hanging open and her eyes all wide, staring at you, too! Mmmmm, [[HUGS]]. I'm so excited!