Does old-fashioned mean counrty/hillbilly/redneck?

Today was "Old Fashioned Sunday" at church. I was thinking, like 1700-1800's dress and stuff. Sure, there was the occasional person wearing the long dress with apron and bonnet. But the guys. I guess, to the ears of men it was "wear any thing flannel with overalls Sunday". Seriously, 8 out of 10 guys we wearing flannel shirts and overalls. The other part had like old suits with skinny ties or whatever. But the message was good, and the food...oh the food. What would a good Baptist service be without food :) They turned of the big lights and we had kerosene lamps placed strategically around the room. Tomorrow, I'm headed to Virginia Beach to see McCain and Palin speak. Originally, we were gonna leave about 7ish. The thing doesn't start till 10 anyways. But "driver" thinks that's going to a ton more people there than planned, so we're leaving at....ready?...5:45AM. That's 4 hours and 15 minutes before the thing starts. Minus about 30 minutes for travel...I guess I'd better find a good book, remember my pillow, and charge my iPod and camera tonight. So I'm headed to bed. I cannot believe that I am getting up VOLUNTARILY on a day off, before the sun even has *thought* about coming up. I must be insane! But I'll have some good pictures to show!

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  1. old fashioned=flannel? okey dokey.

    and to answer your caramel question, not sure. I used a rubber spatula and it was easy while the caramel was hot. But it started to harden pretty quick. We only did 5 apples.

    I'm totally craving some more now. drat.