Red Rally at Virginia Beach Convention Center

So I went to a Republican Rally in Virginia Beach on Monday. The rally started at 10am. We were planning on headed down there about 7. But things changed. Boy oh boy, did they change. So I was planning on meeting up with the rest of the group about 5:45am. Last news was I was supposed to meet at Merl's house to leave. So I got there, and had this thought..."what if they decided to come get me and I missed the memo." I get hunches like that often.

Funny thing is, somehow they're usually right. This one was right. I knocked on the door and Rob answered and was like..."oh...hi...weren't they supposed to pick you up?" I was all "nope, why? they're gone aren't they?" That they were. They came back and got me, though. Turns out, they forgot more than just me. They forgot our tickets too. It was a quiet ride across the water.

We had really good...spaces. I can't say seats, cause we weren't sitting-quality. The walk way came out from behind the curtain and made a little turn RIGHT. IN. FRONT. OF. US. Can you get a better view than that? I submit you cannot! Anyways. As I was saying, I had the perfect view to get pictures of important people. I had no clue who half of them were, but they were giving signatures out, so I figured they had to have been important, no?

Thelma Drake. I really couldn't stand listening to her talk. Something about her just doesn't get along. Maybe it was the fact that she's really old and wearing a minnie-skirt. *gag* I had the opportunity to get her signature. I passed. What would I do with it? Burn it probably. I really don't know where this...great...dislike came from...anyways, next subject.

This guy is a minister on TV I think. That's all I know of him. If you any one knows who he is, please, please tell me. The suspense is killing me.

I don't know his name, but follow along. This is the dad of the guy who married the daughter of the current president. Jenna Used-to-be-Bush's father-in-law. I know I could just google that and find out his name, but that I'd loose all the fun we're having :) That's pretty much all the important people, I think. I have more people pictures, but there's already an imbalance of pictures to words ratio.

My favorite part of being bored waiting was looking at the signs that people came up with. If I was running, this would have been touching to me.

You probably can't read this sign, but it says "Sarah is Wonder Woman USA." Other signs I remember said "Moms/Marines/Firefighters/Everything for McCain/Palin" There were signs that said...crud, I forget. Can you blame me? It was like almost a week ago. And I felt like I was going to pop from all the congestion in my head. But at least I got pictures of those two.

Oh, speaking of signs. Some brilliant, genious person decided it was a good idea make a billion of these sign, and pass them out to EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. The person standing next to me (she's about 12 and goes to my church) nearly slicing my nose, splitting my cheeks, poking out my eyes, and other ways of disfiguring my face many times during the 5 hours we stood there. I managed to escape unharmed. Another issue with the billion numbered signs was getting the way of the camera. This picture is evidence. She kept waving the sign above her head, which eneded up being in my camera space. This is Hank Williams, Jr.

He came out and entertained us while McCain and Palin brushed up on their speechs and memorized their pauses. I have to say, I was very disappointed with his singing. I was excepting a little more...something else.

So there she is. (I apologize for getting brief now, I'm pretty much ready to throw this post out the window soon...)

McCain and the Wife

Every time I tried to get a face in the picture, they turned around the other way. Every. Single. Time.

*GASP* A profile!?
There we go, there's a face. Hey, how you doin'?

Even though I think he's about to tackle me and crush my camera, I like this picture. It's like we connected...or...something...

I shook his hand!

Look, aren't we having fun!

I didn't shake her hand, but I got her autograph. And this is the best picture I could get.

Ok, seriously, I've has this as a work in progress for several days. This "monday" I was talking about, was....LAST WEEK Monday.


  1. I love the one where you "connected" with the scary looking guy. And I'm jealous! We've been to one rally - Fairfax - but we were in the nosebleed seats. Palin is coming to Fburg Monday - Hurkamp park - Elijah wants to go. We'll see.

  2. Cool! I wish they'd come here. (even though I'm not voting for them.)