Of Squirrels and Dressers

Squirrels. I used to think that Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina had the most squirrels habitatting (think about it) there. Until today. I've seen more squirrels in my little 'neighborhood' than in almost all my life. One discrepancy. The squirrels I've seen today have all been dead. Oh, except for one. I saw this little one, let's call it J. J saw something in the middle of Risky Territory. Something that looked odd. J looked around and ventured check it out...it was...his playmate, T! I saw J and T frolicking almost every day as I drove in and out of my neighborhood. I watched as J nudged his body, as if saying "you can stop pretending now, I found you." But, sadness, T wasn't alive any more. J ran back to Safety Zone as a car whizzed by at more than the 15 mph speed limit. As J ran away, I could amost tell that he was sad his friend, his playmate was...squished. I was sad for almost about 2 minutes as I drove by.

Dressers. Here's my latest home improvement project. Does it look familiar?

I even repainted the handles. :) MCM helped out a bit, he took two drawers' handles off, and painted the drawers. Even though I painted over it a different color, he was helpful :) I girl needs breaks from hard work, right?

That brown one was what it looked like before. We got it from my parents, both of them actually, although that purple and white one used to belong to me a long time ago. It's match is now blue and white with yellow starts in one of my sisters' bedrooms. Good luck trying to get it out of her grubby paws, right? Anyways, it's my project for my next weekend off. But it's going to be a while since I'm working the next few ones.

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