Uh, who broke the knife?

I wasn't planning on just being lazy all day today, really. I had great plans. I was going to return the evil handmixer (the one I had ran away when we moved, so I got another one but that's another story). I was going to weed the garden and rediscover the flowers I planted. I was also going to do something else, but I forget. Unfortunately, life had other plans. I woke up about 3ish with a migraine, but for some reason staying in bed instead of taking some drugs seemed like a good idea...until this morning when it was still hanging around when MCM left for work. And it was still around when I dragged myself out of bed to shower. And it was still around when I met MCM for lunch. When it finally slunk its sorry little self off between 3 and 4ish, I had this weird burst of energy. I'm not saying all this for some pity, but to show you what I found when I was doing all the stuff I tackled.

It's a knife...broken in half. I *know* my brownies weren't that hard! I'll have to ask the hubs when he gets home. I think I know what happened though.

The further away the peanut butter is from the top of the jar, the more pressure you have to exert on the instrument getting the peanut butter out. Between the broken knifes and rust spotted forks, I think we'll need to buy a new set of fake silverware before our one year anniversary....

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  1. Yes.....MCM does love some peanut butter sandwiches!!! Do you have a knife graveyard???