Die with dignity!

Two bugs! Two of them! One of them was alive! One of them was a roach! I screamed, not as dramatic, cause I'm alone, but I screamed out of frustration. These. Things. Will. Not. Go. Away. No matter what I do. Time to set those little poison things out. I don't relish finding dead roaches on the floor, but it sure beats finding an alive one under my laundry basket! Ever notice that the dead ones are always 'belly up' with their legs up and exposed? If I ever was an awful thing like that, I hope I'd at least have the dignity to keep my legs underneath me...

My prince wasn't home to save me, BUT he did ride to my rescue with his Dr. Pepper pants, on Saturday. First, I left my lunch at home. So he brought it to me before I started work, at like 640. As the day went on, and Hurricane Hanna came closer to Hampton, MCM came a second time to rescue me from a difficult situation. I was cold, as in "my hair follicles were tired after being so tense all day long" cold. He brought me a long sleeve shirt. No, he wasn't wearing his Dr. Pepper pants, but it was the middle of the day, so that's ok. Go check out my etsy shop, sugarberry07(dot)etsy(dot)com and see the new cards and stuff I'm putting on there.

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