My Hero

My husband wants me to blog. He practically begged me to blog...so, what to tell you about? I could tell you about the two awesome IVs I started today, but you'd only appreciated that if you've ever tried to start one. I could tell you about the spoiled kid in the hospital who rings his call bell ALL. DAY. LONG. but it means nothing unless you have nightmares about call bells. I know!

MCM and I went shopping the other day, Friday I think. We went to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I like that store. We looked at the fine china (I only got one setting, so it's worthless unless we can both eat at the same time), but we had problems. The one they have record of me registering for has blue on it, and I'm pretty sure my one setting has no blue on it. I was going to check when we got home, *someone* forgot to remind me.

But we did manage to buy a new toaster! It's a great toaster! Nothing at all like the piece of poo we have now. The heating elements/timings are all messed up, so unless it's on the lowest setting, it completely chars the item being toasted. AND this new one is made espeically for bagels! The inner coils get hot, while the outer ones don't. AND this new one has wide slots! Now, my chunky bagels don't get stuck, and I won't get electricuted trying to eat breakfast!

We also bought a small fan. Guess who's part polar bear and thinks if it's not 20 degrees outside, it's hot?? Don't look at me, it's not me. Yeah. *looks at him* The best part about this fan, is that it's silent. Not just quiet, I can't sleep with quiet; it has to be pretty silent, otherwise it keeps me up. I'm serious! Little noises keep me awake. Like, hearing my own breathing bugs me. I've gotten somewhat used to MCM's breathing, if we're not facing each other.

One year for my birthday/Christmas, I asked for an alarm clock. That's all I wanted, an alarm clock. My mom's stepdad got me one. A little background on this guy. He had this shelf, called "The Tacky Shelf." All things, every things. So he bought me an alarm clock. Not just a simple digital alarm clock. It was a face and arms, with real bells and a wind-up-thingy. And it ticked. IT TICKED LOUDLY! I struggled with it for about 4 months. I tried everything, even hiding it under a pillow, but I still heard it! Then we went on vacation. I left it home. I could just imagine the baggage people (we took a boat to Carriacou from Grenada) going berzerkers over hearing a loud ticking! Anyways, after being not wound for a week, and my sleep being silent, I did my best to 'loose' it. Actually, I think I still that little bugger somewhere...

Two years later, I put an alarm clock back on my birthday/Christmas list. I got the on I still use today. Silent, digital, electric, battery back up, with a snooze :)

It's barely 9pm, and MCM's already knocked out on the couch. I can't blame him though. Sunday after work, I was just as pooped (it was my working weekend).

I like Pirates of the Caribbean. There's so many funny ironic lines. *laughing at the movie* Jack Sparrow cracks me up, "You smell funny." "Why is the rum gone...but why is the run gone?" "Elizabeth, I would never have worked out between us. I'm sorry, darling."

Anyways, I have a blasted staff meeting to go to. It's the time that makes it so...annoying. 730 am, or 730pm. And it's always on a Wednesday. Stinks for me cause of church, so I have to go the super-crack of dawn meeting. I mean, yeah, by 730am, I'm usually in the middle of muck on the floor, but not by personal choice, y'know? Anyways, I'll be bringing myself some breakfast, I'm thinking a chicken biscuit from Chik-fil-A. Want some?

Oh, I have you to tell you, MCM was a hero today again! He found a roach on the bathroom floor, almost dead, but still moving his legs. But still, he saved me, and destroyed the roach!


  1. Wow......that was quite the poutpouri of subjects there. I"m glad that MCM resched you from the roach. My josh rescued me from one tonight. He's my hero!!!

  2. I'll bet he doesn't have any Dr. Pepper pants though...you've gotta have the pants!

  3. This is fun for me to read because it helps me remember when I was just starting my adult life, too. And since I have a girl who is 22, it's helping me see what her future will look like. Fun stuff. And yay for nurses. We oldies are gonna need you.