I have a clean house!

So, I broke down and did the mounds of laundry that threatened to take over my hallway. It's funny, the only time I think I have almost too many clothes, is when I'm putting them away. I don't mind the putting away part, it's the trying to sort them all and fit them in the drawers I mind. MCM says he's not a 'clothes-in-the-drawers' type of guy, meaning he'd rather step on them than stuff them in a drawer. But when it's hard to determine what's dirty and what's clean (I refuse to perform the sniff test) I just gather them all up in one BIG pile and wash them all. Yeah, it's extra work, but it's only me and him, so a few extra shirts don't make a difference. All of that said, I washed, folded and put away clothes. I even put clean sheets on the bed! I've done a load of dishes. I had someone come fix my hotwater heater, and they're working on getting my bathroom light fixed. I feel all productive and homemaker-y {{big grin}}

I took some boxes out to the car, and a fly got in! It's driving me nuts! Buzzing and swooping and all. Anyone got a fly swatter to share? Hopefully it will die soon. The last fly lasted 2 days. The one before it, like at least a month! I don't think I could stand it.

I'm off to work for a few hours.


  1. hey I can't find any shirts!

  2. lol your house sounds like mine. I have kids though whats your excuse? :) Oh wait... you have hubby. never mind. :)

  3. heh, yeah, i hope the hubz is a good enough excuse...

  4. UHH.. Yea Hubz count as Major reasons. They don't tend to grow up and leave like the kids do. They stay and continue to demand attention and care!!! :) Although that's not all bad.