How Many Uses Is 'Multipurpose'?

I think I'm entitled to disliking certain insects. I am fearful of spiders, like can't function around them. One time though, I did put that fear aside and assisted my group of girls at a summer camp win a scavenger hunt by being the one who held a daddy-long-leg by a leg for what seemed like forever.

I hate roaches, like thought Wall-E would have been so much better if his buggy friend had been non-roach. I've met many since we've moved in to this apartment. We had zero in the other place, now it seems as if the previous owners didn't clean or what, and the roaches moved in when it was vacant. First, it started with just the little ones. I smashed those with a vengeance, gleeful to give them payment for living in my space.

Then, the Big Ones showed up. These are the ones that are the size of your whole big toe! The first one I saw was at like 550 when I was up for work. Mark was still asleep so I couldn't call for him. I had an epiphany. I used my 'multipurpose cleaner'. It says multipurpose, so multipurpose is multipurpose. It kills germs as well as roaches. I chased that bugger through my small dinning room and gassed the area between the wall and the heater unit with fumes of bleach. I found it dead when I got home, it and a few little ones.

Today was the Worst Day Ever. First, at breakfast, I had my feet under the table. I felt something like a plastic wrapper, like off the top of a syrup bottle or something. My thought was, Oh, I'll pick it up with my toes. Right after that was, Let's look at to make sure it's not a roach...

I am so glad I did. So very glad. I looked under the table...IT WAS A ROACH! I had just thought about picking up a roach with my toes. I had played with a roach with my toes. I was disgusting! And to make matters worse, my game of footsie with it had ripped off its wings or something. Talk about nasty. Lest, I accidentally nudge it, I kept my feet on my chair for the rest of breakfast, since no one would pick it up for me. Bethany finally did, but she found that part of it had stuck to the floor. What the-?! I know I didn't toe it *that* hard.

They made a second appearance. I was trying to be a good wifey and clean up the mess MCM and I had made while we were making dinner. I made biscuits, he made chicken alfredo (I promise, he did!). I started rinsing out dishes, loaded the dishwasher, and reached out to pick cups off the counter. I screamed. Loudly, like, I had never done before. This One had invaded my counter space! I was mad, I was scared, I was also bawling. That's how MCM found me when he rode in on his white horse to save me, wearing the amazing Dr. Pepper pants I bought him. How could those bugs think that these counters are for them to roam around on? How could they think that they deserve free reign in my kitchen?! I despise them! Even as MCM's arms were around me comforting me in my distress-ness, my thoughts were 'what do I have to kill it with?' Then I remembered my 'multipurpose cleaner'. He discovered the nastiness had moved, further defiling my countertops. Moving appliances, cups, empty bottles, he cornered it, showered it with bleach and poison, forcing it into the sink and trapping it in the drain part where he drenched it in 'multipurpose cleaner'. MCM's my hero. What would I do without him? I'd probably move out, inspite of year lease we just signed.

After the trauma wore off, I had a mission. I scrubbed the defiled countertop with my 'multipurpose cleaner' just to spite that thing. I hadn't really been doing a good job keeping the kitchen clean anyways, so it's probably my fault anyways, that the roaches have flurrished :( But MCM and I decided to do better. We're going to rinse dishes off, keep crumbs down, and get the maintainance men to come spray the whole kitchen!

On a lighter, happier note, I went to Busch Gardens today. It was pretty cool. I'm a chicken with heights, so you can imagine me on rollercoasters. I was freaking out the whole time. But I will admit, it was fun! Until the last one that shook my head and gave me the start of a migraine :( It was worth the fun that MCM, Thing One, Thing Two, and I had together. Blondie is on her way down here, even as I type this. She should be here soon :) We're planning on going to Virginia Beach on Monday. It's gonna be fun!


  1. I HATE roaches!
    I saw a Big One in the kitchen the other day, and I woke up Matt (who had just come off a 32 hour shift, I think) to come kill it and dispose of the body. UGH!!!

    But, thankfully, we don't have a big problem with the little buggers--this Big One had gotten in from outside when I'd left the screen door open for a while that morning.

    I, too, spray the nasties with anything that is on hand: carpet cleaner, "multipurpose" spray, Lysol, toilet cleaner, etc. You gotta do what you gotta do.

    BTW, post a pic of thse amazing "Dr. Pepper pants." I'm dying to see them!

  2. those are for KLM's eyes only

  3. Um yeah....roaches are SOOOO disgusting!! Fortunately, I have only seen a few in my apartment this summer, and no matter how clean you make things, they still invade. When we lived in Mississippi, they came up throught he drain pipes....and these were the REALLY BIG ones with wings. I'm glad that MCM was able to save you from them.

    I chased one around my house with the bug spray and a broom the other day. Ick!!

    That's one thing I liked about living in WI -- no roaches!!

    OH -- and I've seen the Dr. Pepper pants. I've seen them on my BIL Josh, too, for that matter....