Classic American Cars and Fireworks

Here's some pictures of this classic car show that Mark and I went to while we were in Fredericksburg for the Fourth and my mom's birthday. Mark was having fun looking at the cars, and I was having fun taking pictures and listening to peoples' conversation. I heard this one couple:
woman: I'm not sure there's anything down that way, except the cars. Do you want to go look at that?
man: no, why would I want to look at the cars? I'm not the least bit interested in cars!

I almost tripped on my own feet! What guy does not like looking at cars? For real!

Forget the pictures, I can't get blogger to upload them properly. Does anyone, anyone at all, have some program thingy that works with blogger to upload the pictures? I will...I will...be your bestest friend!

So we picked up my family-in-law from the Baltimore-Washington Airport this morning. I can not remember another time when I have been up before 6 so many days in a row. Wednesday I worked, so I was up by 545; same for Thursday. Friday, Mark and I left for Fredericksburg (early, to avoid traffic) about 715, so we were up by 6. Today, Saturday, We were up by 545 to leave by 630 for Baltimore. I still think what I've said before, I extremely dislike mornings. Anyways, on the ride back, I sat in the back of my parents' minivan with the baby, Cynthia so Josh and Mark could talk guy stuff. I took so many pictures of her. When I took the camera out, she started cooing and baby talking, but I could swear she was saying, "hi, dada. hi, dada." Her daddy takes lots of pictures of her. I'm putting them on my facebook site too, I'll post the links when I'm done. You don't have to be a member of facebook to see them, just so you know.

For fireworks, My dad and mom, Bekah, Mark, and I went to somebody Pratt Memorial Park to watch listen to live orchestra play patriotic music and watch fireworks (that were actually shot off from a different park). I'm putting them on facebook too. There's just too many of them to add them 5 measly pictures at a time *shakes head*

I'm gonna go upload pictures.

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  1. I use a photo hosting service and then just link to all my pics when I want to post them on my blog. I like Photobucket best, though there are others out there.