Lost and Found

Here's another post I found.

We've moved. It's done. No going back. Granted, our stuff is still in boxes placed at strategic places in various rooms to make it seem like we have more room...but they're all moved in. The afore mentioned family members came down to help, as promised. Mark's boss's wife, Merlene, brought us lunch-barbeque, fresh fruit, drinks, chips, and dessert :) The family left today about 2:30. Mark and I also left.

We visited the Langley Air Force Base Air Show. It was really cool. I have pictures, but we don't have internet our internet up yet and it tends to crash the neighbours wireless if I try to upload pictures. So I'll post them later this week or next or something.

We only caught about 1 1/2 hours of the show. It started Friday about 5pm, went until late Friday night, picked back up for Saturday from like 9 til 5, and again today. The part we caught today was the British Red Arrows. They were very nice, very cool. Every now and then, we'd hear a blurb of them on the radio, and it'd be like one of the pilots yelling something like, "Woo-hooo!" Or whatever the British equivalent is o_O

But like I said, give me a few days to find some wireless around town and I'll put the best of the pictures here, and you can see the rest on my facebook site. Blogspot is just too much hassle with the pictures. As for videos I took, I'll try to get them up here (remember the last videos? only 2/3 worked...), but if not, I'll have them on facebook. They're open to the public, so just click on the links I post and you can see them. Even if you don't have a facebook page. I know it's such a fad thing, but who really keeps in touch with past friends over the phone or email or such. Definitely not me, I'm too lazy. I don't have a problem admitting that *shrugs*

I've used up my words for now. Bed time?

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