Normal moles and running on Mountain Dew

Did I mention that we've moved into our new place? I couldn't remember if I had or not. Here's some visuals of the help. Every day, at differing times, I have random urges to hang up things like curtain rods, pictures, and the like. I was becoming frustrated with this cool drill I had bought Mark. The screw kept popping away from the wall and would go shooting across the room. It even gave me a little bruise/blister on my thumb! I then realized the problem. The drill was set to screw OUT not IN. But I had already decided that the stupid curtain rods didn't need two screws, one was plenty strong. It's not like I have little people to go hanging on the curtains to test the strength. It's not like I have curtains to hang up yet, either. Those are coming with the next pay check.

I also hung up a tall mirror. I can't call it a floor length, cause it doesn't reach the floor. It's also not a back-of-the-door mirror, cause it's not. It's a tall mirror. In the midst of it, Mark stopped by on his way to the office over here (he's working on their computer), and decided it needed to be even more off the floor. I thought I had positioned it high enough, because I could hardly see the bottom half of me in the mirror. I guessed wrong.

Because I hadn't eaten lunch (I had a doctor's appointment), except for nibbling here and there, I started craving the first things I saw when I opened the fridge. Things like...Mountain Dew that was left over from the moving crew, and cheddar cheese, and Cheetos. But I did good for breakfast, and I think dinner is probably pizza. We (the AD1 Sunday school class) are going bowling tonight. I don't know what AD1 stands for, I don't even know the criteria for getting in to the class. Like, there's Mark and I, newly weds with no kids. There's Christina and Tommy who have been married for several years with no kids either. There's Teresa and Mike who've been married for several years with preschoolers. There's Cathy and George who have kids who are in middle school (at least). And there's Mike and Rebekah who are expecting their first in September or so. I know that this is a couples class, but are they going to kick us out if we never have kids? Or what will happen when Cathy and George's kids become teens? But anyways, we're going bowling, and it'll be fun.

So my hanging/decorating/cleaning has been fueled by Mountain Dew. I don't really drink that much soda. I do have a Coke with lunch when I'm at work, or else I'll be dragging by the time 4pm comes around. Other than that, I don't drink it. Like I said before, the movers left two 2-liters of soda from lunch that Mark and I had to polish off. He drank the Pepsi (gags) and I'm having the Mountain Dew.

I just realized, I should have uploaded the pictures first. It's going to be a nasty time trying to get them in position. I guess I'll have to use my best teacher voice and corral those little buggers!

Mark's family is coming down next week (I mean, this weekend, yikes!) for a weekish. Yeah, his family, not just his parents, but his brother, sister, brother in law, niece, and sister (from down south) are all coming. We entertained thoughts of them all staying in our little two bedroom apartment, but about 3.2 miliseconds later realized that if we want to be able to breathe, it's not a good idea. So Mom, Dad and Sister from the South are staying in a nearby hotel. Brother, Sister, Brother-in-law, and Niece are staying with us. I'm pretty sure I've said this before, I just don't remember it. We're going to have fun, and do all sorts of tourist-y things that I've never done before :) I'll tell you ALL about it. We're picking them up from Baltimore on Saturday. Sunday, Mark is headed back home (cause he has to work while we all have fun spending that money :D), while the fam and I stay in Fredericksburg/DC area until Tuesday doing other tourist-y things. I haven't been sightseeing in DC since before Mark and I started dating. I have to admit, I wasn't able to give the proper attention to the exhibits as necessary. I was trying my hardest to stay away from *him*. I'll take pictures of that too, just in case there's someone out there who, unfortunatly, has not been able to see our country's capital city. Just don't go get lost in the ghetto regions, or drive through it during dusk.

Oh, so I stopped by the dermotologist's office today. According to Dr. Baer, all my moles and freckles are normal. It was kinda cool, he used this thingy that looked like a magnifying glass but with a cool light built into it. He was like, "That one's normal. So's that one. Oh my goodness they just keep coming, don't they!" when he saw my other arm. Constillations he called them. I have to say I haven't heard that one before *shrugs*

*is thinking of other important details to add* I guess I'll go add those pictures. If they're all messed up and jumbled, blame blogger, not me, k?

Oh, I forgot to mention the amazing closet space. this is just about half the length of the closet in our room. yeah, it's not wide, but it's super long! It goes on for about 23.5 feet!

I also forgot to mention our cool rug we got. How could I have forgotten that?! I guess the same way I forgot to get stuff for cheesecake...TWICE! The apartment people here varnished the floors so they're all nice and shiney. Too shiney almost, they reflect the glare of the sun almost perfectly. So we got this amazing rug to put down :) Aren't we smart? You should have been here watching us scootch it in, lifting couches, scootching some more...but it looks good! And you can see one my curtain rod jobs! In these pictures, you can't even tell that they're crooked, can you? I'll fix it later, Friday maybe. More pictures coming up.

My Mountain Dew and the bag that the cheese was in. The Cheetos were still undiscovered at this time.

This is the afore mentioned power tool. The one I got Mark for his birthday. The one he said he needed for work. I think it might have spent 20 some hours at work since it's been in his posession. Not that I'm contributing to it staying at work. I keep on using it. I think I might just need one for my use :) Can you see me sticking it on a tool belt as I go to work at the Careplex (the hospital I work at)?

That's the mirror. The one that's pretty much a ceiling-t0-middle of the wall mirror. pssht, forget the floor length, it's celing length. See my head, it's in the middle, isn't it? I guess that's the price I must pay for being vertically challanged. Not that I chose it, but now I wouldn't trade it :) It has it's advantages, I must say.

Oh yeah, I lost my debit card, in addition to all my producitveness. I had it Thursday, at Food Lion or Wal*Mart or something like that. Then, when Mark got home and we were going to Lowes to get our rug, I couldn't find it! pOOf, it was gone. I looked everywhere I thought it would be, but still nothing. So I called Bank of America to get it canceled, right? This is what the website said "to cancel a lost card call: *whatever number it was*. So I called it. Guess what it asked me for? The card number. Or the...something security access something...as if I knew what they wanted. I pressed '0' for help, did I get any? Nope, just a message that said "the call center is closed at this time, please call back Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm central time" or some such junk like that. Think robbers and thiefs are going to work with that? "oh it's midnight, let me wait until tomorrow to use her card so she can have time to cancel it" yeah, right! I concluded that there must be a 24hour number to call, so I did more searching. Found it. Called it. Cancelled it. I should be getting a new one in a few days. Wanna know how much I've become dependant on that instead of cash or change? It's not good. So I wait patiently. Here's some more pictures.

Ok, I'm done. Off to Spare Times and loads of fun. Ciao!


  1. Awww, I wish I could come up this weekend to go to DC with you all! I LOVE DC! So many fun things to do and see! Oh, well, maybe another time. We'll have to plan on it. Possibly next Spring. We can come see the cherry blossoms.

  2. Oh my, but I do love that rug!

    Glad your moles are all normal. :)